Equuleuscia Eleutheria's Cosplay


Posted on: June 25, 2013


You may have been wondering where I went! Haha. I’ve been both busy and feeling poorly. Thanks to the illegal forest burning of a certain country, I’ve been wheezing and having problems breathing properly.

That aside, I’ve been busy finishing up props for my upcoming Luo Tianyi cosplay for this Saturday. Tutorials will be up, no worries there (:
I’m left with her hair accessories, parts of her arm warmer, shoes, headphones and TianDian to complete.

Along with that, I’ve completed learning and choreographing  1minute of Senbonzakura. I’m actually mixing the 2 versions of Senbonzakura into the dance I’m doing. I’ll need to teach xSincrossx when he has time. Haha.

I guess, that’s all for updates now! ^^
Stay tuned!


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