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Hello all!

For the recent Cosfest XIII, I was commissioned to make a InuxBoku Karuta Meido Collar. Since it was a rushed commission, I wasn’t able to put too much detail into the work. It’s regrettable, but I suppose it is decent for a less than 24 hour duration work.

Step 1: Do the homework

Again, please remember to do your homework before starting. Get as many reference pictures as you can. This will enable you to make something as close to the character’s artwork as possible.

Here is a picture from www.mcanime.net

Step 2: Dimensions

Decide the length and width of your collar strip, this will greatly impact the size of your collar buckle. After that, decide on the size of the buckle. This includes the total length, width and thickness of ALL the buckle parts. Note: Decide = Record the actual dimension you want

Step 3: Buckle I

I started off making the buckle first, but feel free to start with the collar strip otherwise. I decided to start on the buckle first because paper mache takes time to dry.

Anyway, start out with a rectangle on a piece of thick cardboard. Draw a smaller rectangle inside the original rectangle. Please note that the width of the smaller rectangle should correspond to the width of the collar strip, so that the collar strip will be able to fit through later. And may I use this chance to emphasize the importance of using a ruler for straight lines.

Please don’t fret if the width of the smaller rectangle is a tad bit bigger than that of the collar strip. But please, make sure the difference isn’t too great.

Next, on one of the “width” sides of the rectangle, mark the mid-point and extend a “protrusion” from it. The width of that “protrusion” should slightly larger than the distance between the two rectangles you drew. Make sure that the “protrusion” does not extend all the way to the other side of the rectangle.

Cut out your buckle.

Step 4: Buckle II

Please refer to my earlier tutorials for tips for paper mache if this is your first visit to this site. Basically, get newspaper and white glue, that’s about all the materials you will require. Please remember to tear the newspaper into tiny pieces.

Start to layer on pieces of newspaper onto your buckle. Please be generous with the glue and try to keep the layers throughout the buckle even. You may want to employ the flat surface of a ruler to help you smooth out the edges and surfaces of the buckle to keep them nice and crisp.

You should get a finished product like below. You’ll be able to notice that the buckle is thicker at the joint edges, to reinforce it and prevent breakage.

Please allow the paper mache to dry completely before attempting to paint it! If not you’ll only ruin your hardwork! To achieve a metallic effect on the buckle, alternately mist black and silver spray paint over the buckle surface. More tips of using spray paint to mimic metal can be found in my Yuffie Shuriken Tutorial.

Step 5: Collar Body

With accordance to the dimensions you decided in Step 2, cut out 2 collar strips on Red PVA foam. Don’t worry about the tapered end of the collar for now. Proceed to cut the tapered end of the collar. I clipped the pieces together when I cut out the strips to keep them exactly the same.

On ONE collar strip, mark a straight line down where the tapered end starts. From the NON-tapered end of the collar strip, start marking 5 cm lines and continue doing so until the whole length of the collar strip is covered. The lines will guide you where to cut holes for the collar later on.

Now, on each guide line, EXCEPT for the one marking the tapered end, mark out two more lines, according to the picture below. The total width of the lines denote the size of the hole you will cut out later. In this case, the hole I was going to cut out is 0.5cm in width.

Please repeat the above until the whole length of the collar strip is covered.

Step 6: Marking Holes

Please only continue on if your buckle is FULLY dry.

Thread in the buckle, with the hind (in this case, unpainted) side facing the same side as the marked side of your collar strip as shown below. Otherwise, others would be able to see the “ugly” sides of your prop.

Now, mark the width of your belt buckle protrusion at each “triple line” you encounter.

This is how your collar strip will look like when you are done.

Step 7: Poking Holes

After the tedious step of marking out all the required guides, you’re now one step from getting down to cutting the holes into the collar! Line up both collar strips together and bend them around your neck as you would wear the collar later on. You will realise that the strips will actually stagger. Please clip the strips as they are to prevent any further movement.

Once you have secured the strips together, it’s time to cut out the holes as marked by you earlier on!

Step 8: Securing Buckle to Collar

Thread the buckle through one of the unmarked collar strips, then glue the to collar strips together. This secures all the movable parts of the collar strips and buckle. Please make sure that you are still able to see the markings on the inside of the collar, so you have guidelines available for you to stick your velcro on later on.

You can wear the collar on your neck and mark out the exact location where you want to stick your velcro, if the guidelines don’t provide a good fit. Please remember to double check the where to stick the velcro, if not you may end up having the velcro strips on wrong sides of the collar!

Step 9: Chain

Your collar is now almost done! I suggest using a plastic chain spray painted to your desired colour for this part, instead of using metal chains, which are heavier and more expensive. Alternatively, you could make your own chain out of paper mache.

If the ends of your chains have openings, please close them with a layer of super glue.

Using nylon thread, tie the chain to the buckle of your collar. Make sure to wound the nylon thread multiple times and tie multiple knots to secure the two parts firmly together. I use nylon thread in my props because they are stronger than cotton thread/string and almost invisible.

Then, viola! Your very own Karuta Collar! If you wish, you could outline the collar holes with a dark red marker.

Good luck making yours! :)


Cosmo Parader Tag and Me!

I was really bummed when the tailor called me to tell me she was sick and couldn’t finish my Luo Tian Yi costume in time for the event. It couldn’t be blamed, since so many people were falling sick from the recent haze.

I decided to cosplay as Sandplay Singing of the Dragon/The Miniature Garden Where the Dragon Howls Gumi. To complete the cosplay, I painted my nails a lilac and pink combination and stuck on flowers. Nails do sometimes show up on photos, so please make sure you keep them picture perfect as well! Painted or unpainted.

Once again, my cosplay bag to the rescue! It fit my costume PLUS my boots. Awesome. I brought another backpack along for my cosmetics and wig. People were asking me where I was even before I left my house! Looks like you cannot be late for an event :/

Once at the event area, I dare not slack anymore and quickly set to work. Well. I still need more practice on makeup. More shadow, blush and brows needed.

Had a test shoot with buddies Sleepycs and Bri, along with their friend, while I waited for Incy to finish her makeup.

Event later was lovely. Met up with a few of my cosplay friends! Haha. Didn’t manage to camwhore though :XPhotog friends JA, Terence and Sam came up to me and requested for mini-shoots. I was so surprised they recognise me! Haha. Thanks for approaching me guys ^^

I had lots of fun, even though I was constantly trapped inside scary photog walls. I’m still intimidated by a wall of pure flash and camera. Haha.

Guest cosplayers in the event were King x Mon, Misa 2.0, YUI and Saffron! I really wanted their merchandise, but I didn’t want to queue, so I missed out the chance of getting their autographs ):
BUTBUT. I did manage to give King x Mon my coscards!

The lucky Sandra had a lucky day! When King x Mon were escorted out, they crossed paths with us and King suddenly grabbed Sandra’s hand and said that she recognised her from the coscard she gave.


King continued to praise Sandra about how awesome she looked in her Imitation Black cosplay (in the coscard) and said that she liked that cosplay loads. WOW. Sandra cannot wash her hands ever again xD

Oh yes. Congratulations for being chosen for Cure Walk, Sandra! I’ll see you from the audience side! ^^

The rest of the event was quite a blur. I was running around and getting chased by photographers, meeting friends, or at the parade. Busy busy event.

Some of my friends only came after I un-cos-ed or was only free then. Haha.

Here is the ever kawaii Suzume! ^^

Must snag a photo with her every time I see her. HEE. I sound like some crazy stalker :X

You can go check out more pictures over at my social media sites (:

Facebook Page
Facebook Profile

Cosfest is coming up this Saturday and Sunday too! For those who are going, remember to get a coscard from me if you spot me! I’ll be Luo Tian Yi on Saturday and Black Rock Shooter or Miyu on Sunday!

After my Taobao delivery, I decided to head out for a major cosplay shopping spree. Headed to Chinatown first, to gather all my pieces required for my Senbonzakura cosplay. It was so difficult to find the cloth that matched Miku’s beret! Pinkish dark lilac that has a little vintage feel. I ended up settling for a similarly coloured satin cloth. The gold linings needed for the costume was ridiculously expensive ):

After that I headed over to Bukit Panjang to pick up my UPS package. Their delivery sucks man. I’ve never encountered a problem where if they reroute the shipment (because nobody is at home), I cannot find my package. The delivery notice wrote in huge letters that my package was held in WESTMALL. I went there all week everyday to check but they said nothing came. It was really odd because the tracking status said that it had be signed for. When I called UPS, you know what they said? They said it was MY problem that I didn’t check the slip properly, because the package was being held at Bukit Panjang Plaza. SERIOUSLY. Even the address on the package wrote WESTMALL. Stupid people. Argh. At least my package is with me now.

Following on, I went over to Daiso and Popular to get more cosplay stuff. But Popular failed me ):
Being a thrift-seeker, I headed over to the Salvation Army to see if I could find things I could use for cosplay, and, I DID. I didn’t find what I intended to look for, but I did get something else for another cosplay. Haha. I also found a pair of semi-precious stone carved horses! I’ll need the expertise of Elisa to help me identify the stones, but these cream peach coloured horses are lovely. I don’t really care if they turn out to be some cheap stone, since they’re only $9, I love them because they’re horses. LOL!

Took a bus to Clementi to check-out the Popular en route home. ALSO no PVA foam, but I managed to find something I was looking for, for another cosplay at an underwear sale. LOLOLOL. I wanted to check if Clementi Bookstore (aka Big Bookshop) if they have PVA foam, but I had already made plans to meet a friend so I had to rush back.

Cosplay Steals for that day. I have a few more things to get on my list though. White ankle boots, red spray paint and a hot pink tube.

0.5 yard Synthetic leather – Senbonzakura
2 yard Pink cotton – Senbonzakura
4.5 yard Dark lilac satin – Senbonzakura
4 yard gold lining – Senbonzakura
1 yard Gold “string” – Senbonzakura
x2 Gold tassels – Senbonzakura
16″ Zipper – Senbonzakura
Buttons – Senbonzakura
Snap Fasteners – Luo Tian Yi
White tassel – Luo Tian Yi
Hot pink bottoms – Romeo & Cinderella Miku
Gold flats – Vintage Miku
Flowers – Heroine Amnesia

I was really bummed when the tailor called to tell me she was sick and couldn’t finish my Luo Tian Yi costume in time for Cosmo Youth Parde. I went as Sandplay Gumi instead. An entry for that event will be up soon! ^^

My package from Taobao has been delayed due to the haze! However, it is finally here!

I was really scared something happened to it along the way because the status of the package was not updated for about a week after it landed in Singapore.

Super happy to have my stuff in time! Things in this delivery

1. Senbonzakura Miku Hat

2. Senbonzakura Miku Wig

3. Amnesia Heroine Wig

4. Amnesia Heroine bag

2. White dress pannier

5. Luo Tianyi Wig


So, at the moment, my Amnesia cosplay is complete! And I can start buying cloth for my Senbonzakura cosplay! My Luo Tianyi costume should be done by Friday. Hurhur.

I’ll be heading down to Cosmo Youth Parade this Saturday as Luo Tian yi with Incy (Ling Caiyin). So see you there!


You may have been wondering where I went! Haha. I’ve been both busy and feeling poorly. Thanks to the illegal forest burning of a certain country, I’ve been wheezing and having problems breathing properly.

That aside, I’ve been busy finishing up props for my upcoming Luo Tianyi cosplay for this Saturday. Tutorials will be up, no worries there (:
I’m left with her hair accessories, parts of her arm warmer, shoes, headphones and TianDian to complete.

Along with that, I’ve completed learning and choreographing  1minute of Senbonzakura. I’m actually mixing the 2 versions of Senbonzakura into the dance I’m doing. I’ll need to teach xSincrossx when he has time. Haha.

I guess, that’s all for updates now! ^^
Stay tuned!


Sorry I haven’t been giving you guys an update since last week. I’ve been real busy, as always. Haha. Just the past weekend, I attended the Funan Anime Matsuri, held at Funan Digitlife Mall. It was so much fun! I only went on Sunday, since I was busy during the other days the event was on.

I expected the crowd to be small since it was a small event, but I cannot be more wrong. The whole place was absolutely FLOODED. The photog wall I was trapped in was humongous and really scary for a while.

Thank you Yamada Peter and Maidio for accompanying me the WHOLE day! Not to mention ALL the shots you 2 took for me. Maidio sent me 613Mb worth of pictures. Haha. That’s more than half of my 904Mb album for Funan Anime Matsuri! Haha.

More pictures can be viewed on my deviantart in due time, meanwhile, photos are on my Facebook page. My Facebook page can be accessed via the widget on the right hand side of the blog.

It was so funny that Terence pulled me from the crowd and requested for a mini-shoot AND we both didn’t recognise each other. /facepalmWe only realised AFTER we parted. Fail max. Haha. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years already though, probably the reason why.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the event. Big thank you to the photographers!

Other than all the fun I had cosplaying and making new cosplay and photographer friends, I WAS A SUPER LUCKY FANGIRL!

I managed to exchange coscards with ALL but two cosplay guests, shake hands with my two favourite cosplay guests, and got signed items from my two favourite cosplay guests and took photos with my most loved loved loved cosplayer.

Yes, my most most most favourite cosplayer of all time is KANAME☆! And I’m also a big fan of Clive Lee! So happy I got to interact with them. IN FACT, KANAME☆ ONLY SIGNED 2 COPIES OF HIS REVOLVER PHOTOBOOK!

Once KANAME☆ came up to stage, I was jumping up and down waving his photobook opened to the page of his BRS cosplay AND my shuriken. Must have been real scary for those people standing around me since everyone thought my shuriken could do serious damage if it hit them. Hehe. KANAME☆ only picked 3 people from the crowd and the Emcee did the rest. I was screaming when KANAME☆ spotted me and said “Ah! Yuffie!” OHMYGOD o_o
My heart began racing and my limbs became wobbly LOL! I was even wobbly while heading towards the stage area. That’s there I spoke to and shook hands with Clive! Very friendly fellow Singaporean cosplayer! Haha. When I was on stage,the staff didn’t let me get the signature of KANAME☆ and KANAME☆ could only smile apologetically and say “later, later!” Haha.

I’m so happy I managed to catch him when he was about to leave the event after HOURS of waiting (That’s how I caught the other cosplayer guests as well, opps). I squeezed myself into the escorts LOL! Then KANAME☆ pointed at me and said “OK!”. I almost fainted. Haha. I was so happy when he proceeded to sign my copy of his photobook! OMG!

KANAME☆ totally made my day!

After going totally insane and hyperventilating from the excitement, I had a nice quieter dinner with my lovely friends. I was so happy to see Incy again! Look at this pretty Taiwan!

New friends ^^
Hongzhu (Kirito) and Oda (Kotetsu)

Made many new photographer friends too! In fact, I’m going to have a photoshoot with one of them in July. The poor photographer who probably got frightened by me during the event. Haha. He was requesting for a mini-shoot, but I turned him down enthusiastically saying that I was camping there waiting for KANAME☆ LOL

Overall, it was a nice event, albeit too small a venue to hold the crowd. A good event start to the rest of the 2013 events!

Well, the week has been alright. I’ve been spending time brushing up my Senbonzakura dance and making all the props required for Luo Tianyi. The tailor has finished altering all the costumes I’ve sent to her and she’s currently working on my Luo Tianyi costume ^^

Besides that, I’ve been updating all my cosplay-related accounts like Deviantart and Cure. I’ve also made a WorldCosplay account. So you have more places to look for me now ^^

If you were wondering what I was up to….

I’ve been out having lotsa fun before I settle down and continue making my props and costumes for the upcoming events. Catch me for Funan Anime Matsuri! I haven’t decided which date to go, so keep your eyes peeled!

So, to start off, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with this app called “Many Faces”. It was free for download a couple of days ago, so I thought I would download it for fun. You can access the app via this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/many-faces-photo-collage-maker/id564507411?mt=8

Here’s what I came up with. I swear I look better in unglam shots that the nice smiley type of shots ):

OH. And see what I have in my hand now. Super happy to have received it and I really treasure this baby. My friend over at PD Design Studio told me that they are delaying their launch from tomorrow to this Friday! Aww man. I was looking forward to it! Anyway, here’s the cover and a spread of my favourite artwork for the game.

You may have known that SID came to Singapore for Music Matters! So I joined my friends and headed over to Clarke Quay to see them live! OMG. They sound exactly, if not BETTER than their records! *fangirls*
The J-rock musicians usually offer the best fan service and teasing. Haha. Still nosebleed at Gackt! ❤

Hanging out with friends!

I spent the weekend doing rather cosplay-ey stuff. I went out to get cloth and materials, as well as meet up with a cosplay team mate Incy. I was wearing one of my favourite headbands that day.

I went to print coscards too! The staff gave me 105 Yuki cards, 110 Miyu cards, 147 Yuffie cards, 168 Miku cards, a total of 530 cards, when he was supposed to give me 500. Yay! More cards to trade!

As per the last batch of coscards, I will be signing at the back of each card. If you would like a card, do drop me a message and let me know! I’ll include your name and a small note for you (:

Here’s how a set will look like, pardon me for the photo rotation, wordpress doesn’t seem to get this one picture right.

Here’s a picture of me sending a deck to Daniel Kelson Lacy from USA! A fellow cosplayer who is very supportive of others in the community. Hope you get the cards soon!

In addition, I have released the Yuffie Photoshoot photos on Deviantart! You can go to my Devianart profile or Facebook page to check them out! You’ll be able to see my first attempt at creating fire on the computer. Haha.

Will be back to give you more updates soon~!

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