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Sorry I haven’t been giving you guys an update since last week. I’ve been real busy, as always. Haha. Just the past weekend, I attended the Funan Anime Matsuri, held at Funan Digitlife Mall. It was so much fun! I only went on Sunday, since I was busy during the other days the event was on.

I expected the crowd to be small since it was a small event, but I cannot be more wrong. The whole place was absolutely FLOODED. The photog wall I was trapped in was humongous and really scary for a while.

Thank you Yamada Peter and Maidio for accompanying me the WHOLE day! Not to mention ALL the shots you 2 took for me. Maidio sent me 613Mb worth of pictures. Haha. That’s more than half of my 904Mb album for Funan Anime Matsuri! Haha.

More pictures can be viewed on my deviantart in due time, meanwhile, photos are on my Facebook page. My Facebook page can be accessed via the widget on the right hand side of the blog.

It was so funny that Terence pulled me from the crowd and requested for a mini-shoot AND we both didn’t recognise each other. /facepalmWe only realised AFTER we parted. Fail max. Haha. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years already though, probably the reason why.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the event. Big thank you to the photographers!

Other than all the fun I had cosplaying and making new cosplay and photographer friends, I WAS A SUPER LUCKY FANGIRL!

I managed to exchange coscards with ALL but two cosplay guests, shake hands with my two favourite cosplay guests, and got signed items from my two favourite cosplay guests and took photos with my most loved loved loved cosplayer.

Yes, my most most most favourite cosplayer of all time is KANAME☆! And I’m also a big fan of Clive Lee! So happy I got to interact with them. IN FACT, KANAME☆ ONLY SIGNED 2 COPIES OF HIS REVOLVER PHOTOBOOK!

Once KANAME☆ came up to stage, I was jumping up and down waving his photobook opened to the page of his BRS cosplay AND my shuriken. Must have been real scary for those people standing around me since everyone thought my shuriken could do serious damage if it hit them. Hehe. KANAME☆ only picked 3 people from the crowd and the Emcee did the rest. I was screaming when KANAME☆ spotted me and said “Ah! Yuffie!” OHMYGOD o_o
My heart began racing and my limbs became wobbly LOL! I was even wobbly while heading towards the stage area. That’s there I spoke to and shook hands with Clive! Very friendly fellow Singaporean cosplayer! Haha. When I was on stage,the staff didn’t let me get the signature of KANAME☆ and KANAME☆ could only smile apologetically and say “later, later!” Haha.

I’m so happy I managed to catch him when he was about to leave the event after HOURS of waiting (That’s how I caught the other cosplayer guests as well, opps). I squeezed myself into the escorts LOL! Then KANAME☆ pointed at me and said “OK!”. I almost fainted. Haha. I was so happy when he proceeded to sign my copy of his photobook! OMG!

KANAME☆ totally made my day!

After going totally insane and hyperventilating from the excitement, I had a nice quieter dinner with my lovely friends. I was so happy to see Incy again! Look at this pretty Taiwan!

New friends ^^
Hongzhu (Kirito) and Oda (Kotetsu)

Made many new photographer friends too! In fact, I’m going to have a photoshoot with one of them in July. The poor photographer who probably got frightened by me during the event. Haha. He was requesting for a mini-shoot, but I turned him down enthusiastically saying that I was camping there waiting for KANAME☆ LOL

Overall, it was a nice event, albeit too small a venue to hold the crowd. A good event start to the rest of the 2013 events!

Well, the week has been alright. I’ve been spending time brushing up my Senbonzakura dance and making all the props required for Luo Tianyi. The tailor has finished altering all the costumes I’ve sent to her and she’s currently working on my Luo Tianyi costume ^^

Besides that, I’ve been updating all my cosplay-related accounts like Deviantart and Cure. I’ve also made a WorldCosplay account. So you have more places to look for me now ^^


Some of you may know that I have been involved with Dusty Revenge‘s game testing last week and today.

I’m greatly honored to have the chance to do so! It is really a lovely game. I cannot wait for next Tuesday to arrive! Definitely going to buy a copy of the game once it launches!

The game is based around a rabbit called Dusty, who goes around hunting down Craven the tiger, who killed his bunny love. Along the way, he is aided by 2 allies, Rondel the bear and McCoy the dog. Both support characters hail with different weapons, extremely useful when your screen is littered with too many spawns that are getting a little annoying to kill. Haha. Their weapons (rocket launcher and rifle) allow you to solve puzzles in the game as well.

Violence and Puzzles. Totally my cup of tea.

Another thing about the game I really like, the graphics and music! Awesome graphics, well-matched with background music that isn’t too irritating to listen to over and over again. My favourite artwork has to be the background of the Lost City stage. I like the Aztec/Atlantis feel to it.

The best thing about game testing is that you get to see many behind-the-scenes work that other gamers seldom get to see. While I was having fun killing/escaping spawns, the programmers were busy noting down bugs, difficulty level and all. We even managed to find out some “not supposed to be there” bugs that allows players to by-pass certain puzzles. HAHA. It’s really hard work to be a game developer! (Quite the opposite for the game tester, I would say)
I had a chance to step into one of the office rooms to see some of the staff working on other projects and fine-tuning Dusty Revenge. More goes into a game than I actually imagined! Treasure each game you have on hand! The blood, sweat, tears that went into it is intense!

On a different note, it’s a totally different feeling when you play a game with the graphic artists, programmers, etc… (aka the people who MADE the game) all watching you. LOL.

Again, thank you Zhaorong for the invite and the hospitality of PD Design Studio! I really enjoyed myself in the 2 sessions of game testing!


To improve my mood even more for the day, I realised that I won the recent giveaway of PD Design Studio! Check out the bottom right hand side of the below picture! Wow.

This is my first time winning something from a giveaway! 😀

Will be checking my mailbox many many times a day till I receive the art book!

Gomenasai >~<

I’ve been away in Taiwan for awhile, which explains the lack of entries here. So, to make up for it, while I whip up more entries, I’ve decided that I’ll do the “20 Facts About Me” tag (:

I hope you’ll learn more about me from this.

1. Equuleuscia Eleutheria, when translated into English actually means Little Horse Freedom. “Equuleus” means “foal” or “little horse” in Latin. the “-cia” at the back comes from a part of my real name. “Eleutheria” means “freedom” in Greek.

2. I have a wardrobe dedicated to cosplay. It houses most of my props, costumes, wigs, and other cosplay related items.

3. I entered cosplay as a dare with my then-boyfriend.

4. I am insecure about my height, because I’m almost always the most chibi around ):

5. My favourite part of myself is my legs. I like that they are long and hold proud scars from my martial art sparrings. And I can run really fast with them too!

6. I’ve always wanted to become a singer.

7. I have a punching bag in my room.

8. My parents are actually alright with me cosplaying.

9. I think my best cosplay to date is my Black Rock Shooter cosplay.

10. I have only done 2 group photoshoots to date.

11. I still tend to freeze up and become rigid in front of the camera lens.

12. I’m an extrovert turned introvert.

13. I’ve always wanted to dance, but I am anything by graceful. Haha!

14.  I am currently working part-time as a Shooting Instructor. Yes, I teach people how to fire guns. And yes, I’m qualified and I am a shooter myself. Haha

15. I am lazy to put on makeup if I’m not cosplaying.

16. I have an albino sucker fish named albini

17. I get ticked off when people mistake my Ferrari handbag as a Porsche handbag and my Porsche phone case as a Ferrari phone case.

18. My favourite animal is the horse, which explains why I’m a volunteer at the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

19. My favourite horse whom I dub my “4 legged boyfriend” at RDA is called Kodie or Willowcroft

20. I work with 4 organiser/planners at any given time. Haha. A whiteboard on my desk, a paper one in my bag, my ipad and iphone.

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