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Cosmo Parader Tag and Me!

I was really bummed when the tailor called me to tell me she was sick and couldn’t finish my Luo Tian Yi costume in time for the event. It couldn’t be blamed, since so many people were falling sick from the recent haze.

I decided to cosplay as Sandplay Singing of the Dragon/The Miniature Garden Where the Dragon Howls Gumi. To complete the cosplay, I painted my nails a lilac and pink combination and stuck on flowers. Nails do sometimes show up on photos, so please make sure you keep them picture perfect as well! Painted or unpainted.

Once again, my cosplay bag to the rescue! It fit my costume PLUS my boots. Awesome. I brought another backpack along for my cosmetics and wig. People were asking me where I was even before I left my house! Looks like you cannot be late for an event :/

Once at the event area, I dare not slack anymore and quickly set to work. Well. I still need more practice on makeup. More shadow, blush and brows needed.

Had a test shoot with buddies Sleepycs and Bri, along with their friend, while I waited for Incy to finish her makeup.

Event later was lovely. Met up with a few of my cosplay friends! Haha. Didn’t manage to camwhore though :XPhotog friends JA, Terence and Sam came up to me and requested for mini-shoots. I was so surprised they recognise me! Haha. Thanks for approaching me guys ^^

I had lots of fun, even though I was constantly trapped inside scary photog walls. I’m still intimidated by a wall of pure flash and camera. Haha.

Guest cosplayers in the event were King x Mon, Misa 2.0, YUI and Saffron! I really wanted their merchandise, but I didn’t want to queue, so I missed out the chance of getting their autographs ):
BUTBUT. I did manage to give King x Mon my coscards!

The lucky Sandra had a lucky day! When King x Mon were escorted out, they crossed paths with us and King suddenly grabbed Sandra’s hand and said that she recognised her from the coscard she gave.


King continued to praise Sandra about how awesome she looked in her Imitation Black cosplay (in the coscard) and said that she liked that cosplay loads. WOW. Sandra cannot wash her hands ever again xD

Oh yes. Congratulations for being chosen for Cure Walk, Sandra! I’ll see you from the audience side! ^^

The rest of the event was quite a blur. I was running around and getting chased by photographers, meeting friends, or at the parade. Busy busy event.

Some of my friends only came after I un-cos-ed or was only free then. Haha.

Here is the ever kawaii Suzume! ^^

Must snag a photo with her every time I see her. HEE. I sound like some crazy stalker :X

You can go check out more pictures over at my social media sites (:

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Cosfest is coming up this Saturday and Sunday too! For those who are going, remember to get a coscard from me if you spot me! I’ll be Luo Tian Yi on Saturday and Black Rock Shooter or Miyu on Sunday!


みなさんこんにちは!Minna-san Konnichiwa!

Since this blog is new, I would be posting entries that will draw your attention to the older cosplays that I did before starting this blog. Today, I will bring your attention to the Gumi Sandplay Photoshoot I had with JP_Capture and his 2 friends about 2 years ago.

It was a really convenient photoshoot because the crew had a car! However, it was a rather short shoot with few photos as it was getting pretty dark and we didn’t want the shoot to end too late.

That was my third time cosplaying a character from the “From The Miniature Garden Where The Dragon Howls” Series (otherwise known as Sandplay Singing of the Dragon). This time around I was rather happy with my makeup. I could do with more blush, but the eye makeup had significant improvement. The makeup doesn’t really show up nicely in photos though. It was the first time I have successfully added false eyelashes to my eyes! They are very uncooperative when I want to use them! Haha.

Back then, I still needed to improve on posing for shots. I look stiff and too expressionless in this shoot 😦

Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot. I have uploaded more pictures up on Deviantart and Cure!

For those who are not familiar with the series, this is how the song sounds like, this version includes Kaito, Kagamine Len, and Gackupo Kamui


Gackupo Solo Version


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